About Me

IMG_2260_2My name is Jean E Dodard and I am the CEO and Founder of Home Burdens LLC. The passion for tearing things down and fixing it back up has been with me for as long as I could remember. As a child it was not too long after my 8th Christmas when my parents decided not to purchase any more toys for me. By 9 years old, I received my first tool box. It was at that point in time when my passion for being handy received its authenticity.

The art and benefit behind renovating a home is what drives my passion. That same passion has helped form the foundation of Home Burdens. So why Real Estate Consulting? Well, the chances of a home being the biggest investment in someone’s life is pretty normal to a majority of home owners. The feeling that comes with owning a home is priceless because, in my opinion, it’s a huge accomplishment. However, life doesn’t stop happening after becoming a home owner. For most families, what was once an accomplishment can suddenly become a burden, even to the extent of losing that accomplishment.

Home Burdens is not your typical real estate investing company and I’m not your typical real estate investor. Cash would never be waved in your face meanwhile trying to bully you into selling your biggest investment for less than what it’s worth. Our first priority is to be a solution for whoever is suffering from problems that involve their home.

Being a home owner myself has helped me get a better understanding of what it takes when owning a home, especially when bearing the responsibility of a family.  It’s no walk in the park and sometimes, life forces us to take a couple of steps backward in order to move further ahead. Home Burdens’ main objective is to assure those forward steps.

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